Thursday, 1 January 2009

Christmas in Hyderabad

Adiv's first Christmas was a lot of fun. We spent the week in Hyderabad, where Rohit's family was only too keen on pampering the little fellow. Adiv spent his days playing fun games with his slightly older cousins, walking around the house holding his grandfather's hand, listening to his grandmother's nursery rhymes, and eating very little. In the confines of our room, I made frantic attempts at feeding him, but he seemed more keen on crawling out to play. (Only later did I find that he'd lost his appetite because of a ear infection).
We visited Rohit's aunts, went to Church on Christmas day (Adiv was a good boy in Church), and gorged on a lot of delicious Hyderabad Biriyani and fruit cake (a family recipe).
I had a lot of fun too. Rohit's little nieces were a treat. I introduced them to youtube, told them tales of Santa and his reindeers. On Christmas eve, they went to bed promising to wake me up when Santa came with his sack of presents (We were going to touch Rudolph's red nose). They hoped they'd be in his "Good" list, and were only too thrilled when they woke up to a lot of presents carefully placed beneath the tree. They searched for presents that had their names, and waited patiently till we'd returned from Church to open them. I'd even written them two letters from Santa, telling them they'd been good girls, and that they should continue to be good in the coming year. They were so excited about their presents, one of them even asked me innocently, "Where did Santa buy these presents?"
Now I'm waiting for Adiv to grow up, so he'll also begin to enjoy the magic of Christmas!