Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Aarit is here!

Aarit finally decided to make his much-awaited debut on the 14th of January. I had my last check up on the 13th, when the doctor suggested we wait a big longer. Tired and exhausted (Adiv said he was getting irritated because the baby was taking this long) I went to bed, only to wake up at 3 in the morning with mild contractions. Despite the repeated nudging, Rohit jumped out of bed only when I announced emphatically that it was time to get to the hospital. We left immediately and hours later, at 7.38, Aarit was here.

Labor was quick and unbelievably painful (despite assurances from everyone that it would be easier this time), but seeing Aarit made it all worth it. He was perfect, healthy, and resembled his excited older brother. I spoke to Adiv soon after Aarit's birth, and he reminded me that the boys team was now stronger. Rohit who'd endured my blood curdling screams for a few hours was ecstatic. He joked about how I'd fractured his arm while I held on to him, before rushing out to call family and sneak into the NICU to see his newborn.

When Adiv finally arrived to see his brother, he was visibly thrilled. We'd wrapped up presents for him (supposedly from the baby), and that won the baby several brownie points. And when we placed the baby on his lap, he gushed about how tiny and beautiful the baby's toes and fingers were.

We've all been busy since then. Adiv is busy with school and friends, and he can't quite understand why his brother sleeps as much. He is waiting for him to grow up, so they can play (he also wants to give him lessons on farting and peeing!!) . I spend as much time as I can with him, doing everything for him, so he doesn't feel left out. Luckily he has friends he meets every day in the evening, and my parents who pamper him with outings and games.

Meanwhile, Aarit is transitioning from a sleepy, milk-drinking, frequently pooping (and peeing) infant, into a responsive, cooing, sleepy, milk-drinking, frequently pooping (and peeing) infant. Adiv and my Mom sing him to sleep with the song that my mom used to sing to us and Adiv (works like magic even now), while Pappa entertains Adiv with games that involve much running, policemen and thieves. While I'm busy making sure Adiv with his boisterous demonstrations doesn't pull out the baby's arm, Rohit is back to being the weekend father and husband, till we get back to Bangalore.
We never been busier and more tired, but we've also never been happier. Though I barely have the time to comb my hair or enjoy a nap, the family feels complete. Now I look forward to more adventures with my boys!