Friday, 29 January 2010

Adiv turned 2

On the 19th of Jan, Adiv turned 2. He got two parties, two cakes, numerous presents, and a week long exercise of blowing candles and cutting the same cake over and over again. Rohit was leaving the following week on a 6-week long assignment in the US, so we decided to give Adiv an early party. We didn't want an elaborate party, so we had only some of our family over. Ro's mother, sister, her family, Ro's cousin who was visiting from Hyderabad, and Ro's uncle (and Adiv's favorite grand uncle) and family were the only invitees. The day before the party, Adiv's cousins (4 girls between the ages of 17 and 5) came for a sleepover. So we began Adiv's birthday with a trip to the bowling alley. The kids had fun. While the lil ones rolled their balls and prayed nervously, Adiv merely threw his ball and pranced around excitedly, oblivious to the outcome. After two rounds each, we drove around looking for a place to eat. Mc Donalds had their shutters half open, so Rohit hurried in and came out with burgers for everyone. By the time we got home, it was late. The kids got into their night clothes, and got comfortable. The lil ones played with Adiv who was screaming excitedly. The oldest read quietly, while her sister gave me a fill of the Hyderabad gossip.
We slept late, and woke up only when the maid came in. Still sleepy, I made myself and Rohit some coffee, and milk for the kids. Breakfast was pancakes with pancake syrup, after which the kids were ready for some fun and games. While the oldest continued reading a book, her sister went with Ro pick up some rackets. The 7-yr-old encouraged Adiv to chew his breakfast, and her younger sister dealt with the eternal question that plagues all girls; "What do I wear?".
By the time everyone was fed and ready, it was 11. We went to the badminton court, where we played in pairs. In turns we even ran behind Adiv who was more keen on exploring. Ocassionally we took breaks to drink juice that I'd brought down for everyone. After some very competitive gaming, I got the kids to wash their feet. Then they were allowed to put wet their feet in the pool. Getting them home after that was quite the task. Lunch followed, and then the little ones were all tucked in bed for a nap. The older two experimented in the kitchen and made some delicious cake that we ate later. Ro and I lazed around and ordered the food for the evening. The cuisine was Tibetan, and we ordered generous portions of momos, noodles, rice, and chicken for everyone.
The kids were woken up a little later, for a trip to a nearby farm. Excited, they sang on their way to the farm. The most requested song on that trip was "We're on the way..We're on the way..on the way to Granpa's farm" (Raffi). Soon we were welcomed to the farm by its friendly, excitable, bouncy, inhabitant, a gorgeous beauty, an Irish Setter. Ro fell in love! The kids sat huddled in the car, agreeing to come out only when the dog was put in its kennel. *sigh*
Then we explored. We reminded the kids that no teasing would be tolerated. They promised to refrain from any kind of teasing and enjoyed the rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, goats, and donkeys. The star of the evening was Nimbles, a friendly, jumpy little goat. The kids gathered some courage eventually and began feeding the animals. This outting would have lasted longer, if not for an accident. One of the girls twisted her ankle, and so we decided to head back. We got back in time for Rohit to go pick up dinner. Adiv and one of the girls went with him, while I got the others in front of the TV and began cleaning up. The table was set, the cutlery and crockery spread out, the beds re-made, and towels placed in both bathrooms. The cake had arrived a little earlier.
As the evening progressed, the guests arrived. Ro returned with the food, and Adiv got busy with his presents. The car is what got his attention. So he spent the rest of the evening driving it, while we enjoyed the drinks that Ro passed around with some crisps. Just before dinner, Adiv got to cut his cake, which he did quite happily, enjoying all the singing (and the attention). The cake was promptly removed, and returned to the table only with the dessert. With birthday 1 coming to an end, we went to sleep tired and exhausted. We spent all of Sunday sleeping as well. Adiv's grand aunt, her daughter and family came in the evening with more presents. Adiv had begun thinking life was about presents. Ro who'd developed a bad cold by then, had to postpone his trip by a few days. This meant he'd be around for Adiv's actual birthday.
On 18th night, my parents and brother (who'd just reached that morning from the US) arrived. They came in late at night with more toys for the little one. He played with his cars, wore his helmet proudly (part of a fireman's costume Ash got him), and played till late at night. Rohit was leaving on 19th night, so we decided to let Adiv miss school. He woke up to a lot of singing. He got numerous calls, to which he responded with a well practiced, "thank you"! I got busy with some baking. I made Ro some banana bread to take, and I made Adiv two simple cakes that I put together with three layers of icing. Ro and I had fun experimenting with the icing. Did we want an A or a design? We tried different designs, before settling for one. Though it didn't seem particularly neat, it was delicious. Adiv cut his second cake, and fed us all in turns. He even sang to himself, "Happy to Adi budday"

That evening Ro left, and a week later, we got to Chennai. For now, the party still hasn't ended for Adiv, as he is with grandparents who are always getting him little surprises from time to time. Life sure is good at 2.