Thursday, 24 October 2013


I was recently asked how I dealt with being mommy to two boys who were completely different from each other. I paused, and responded with the age old cliche, "aren't all kids unique and different?" The answer seemed to satisfy her, but I began to think about whether my kids were really that different.

To the outsider, Adiv has always been the extrovert who befriends different groups of kids, and has long conversations with their mothers. He is loud, emotional, dramatic, and very demonstrative. Meanwhile, Aarit appears shy. After several meetings, he will welcome you with the hint of a smile, and maybe put out his hand (if you are lucky). He is quieter, stingy with his hugs and kisses (I get many, thanks to my mimi status), and maybe not as emotional (it's still too early to tell). When Adiv is home, there is always some drama. You'll hear toys crashing out of his toy cupboard, cars falls down the stairs, or the thumping sound of him dancing on the coffee table (to "lungi dance" or some other latest hit). Aarit however is the reader, who will spend hours pouring over books with animal pictures. Though he enjoys small puzzles, he will throw it all aside for a song (also lungi dance), jump onto the small coffee table and dance. As I write this, he is grooving to "let's party all night", the latest Akshay Kumar song. (yeah, they've both inherited their taste in music from their mother. ) When their song isn't playing, they cycle around the furniture, or bounce balls (the soft ones) off eachother's heads and laugh!

In their quieter moments, Adiv engages in pretend games with his cars, while Aarit settles down to talk to the neighborhood cat. Just as he urges our dog Spot to eat, he urges Tabby (the cat) to drink up. He is clearly the animal lover in the family, unlike Adiv who prefers them in zoos.

Even when it comes to food, they are quite different, despite their shared preference for meat. While Adiv is mostly oblivious to what is on his plate, Aarit enjoys what he eats (though small portions). So when we are in a restaurant, he will sit around and taste new things, while Adiv is wandering around befriending other kids who're just as disinterested in their food. 

Despite all their differences, what they have in common, is their love for eachother. Aarit weeps piteously every morning when Adiv jumps into his school bus, only to wait patiently by the door step for him to return. Adiv is welcomed with hugs and kisses. Like all older brothers, Adiv teases him, also declaring from time to time that we should return Aarit to the hospital. But then, during trips to the Zoo, he also worries about whether the bears and lions will eat up his brother. Thanks to a steady diet of masala hindi flicks, he is always on the look out for gundis (his word for goodas) who might want to kidnap his brother.

Despite all their differences, they work well together. They enjoy running around the dining table, drinking pretend tea, watching Rowdy Rathore over and over again, going for drives, or simply laughing (just because you can!).
 And finally, isn't that all that matters.